Sunny Beach Day Nursery is a private day care setting which is for children aged 3 months to 5 years old.

The nursery has a downstairs baby unit for a maximum of 9 babies aged 3-24 months. Within each unit there are numerous provision areas in place filled with resources for each of the areas of learning specified in the EYFS.

The baby unit has its own separate changing room and separate kitchen, each kept secure yet visible by a low lockable gate preventing access by children. There is a sleeping area at the back of the room. The kitchen area is where morning and afternoon snacks are prepared, pots are washed, bottles sterilised and prepared etc. The kitchen and baby changing areas each have their own hand washing basins installed.

We have built an all weather garden specifically for the 0-2 year olds so they enjoy outdoor play whatever the weather.

The under 2s garden area leads straight from the room and is fenced off from the larger garden that is designed for the older children of the setting. A bolt locked gate separates the smaller and larger play areas in the fence. At times when there are no older children playing outside then the practitioner(s) can take the younger ones to explore the wider environment.

Induction and Settling In

Once you have viewed the nursery and confirmed your childs place by completing the registration form and signing the terms and conditions, we encourage parents to bring their children for settling in visits. The number of visits may vary upon the individual child, parent and guardians are welcome to stay to observe their child during these visits. There is no charge for the settling in visits.